Working with guides (Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Animals etc.)


Each of us have guides that can help us through this earthly realm.  Some of our guides call out to us and some of us call to our guides.  The important thing to remember is that it is a very individual experience.  Sometimes we may all share in a common religion but have different paths.  Some may pray to Isis while others feel comfortable calling upon Mother Mary.  They are the same just as Dionysis, Bast and Baccus or The Green mans and Cernnunnos.  You may get messages from your guides in the form of symbols, learning to decifer the messages can lead you further down the path.  Whatever name or form your guides come in , whether its Archangel Michael, or an Owl or your ancestors from beyond, know they are here to help you! Trust that you are strong and no harm comes to you because of your earthly strength! Open your heart and spirit to healing, love and wisdom from your guides.  Meditation, divinations dream interpretations and more can help you find your personal guides as well as learning who to call for particular needs!