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I highly recommend reiki with kali ma. She has a way of making you feel at ease, nurtured, and supported. I really appreciate before the session even begins she takes the time to talk to you to see where you're at an energetic level. And she takes the time to understand your intentions for the reiki session. During the session itself she only has one rule: close your eyes throughout the session. Overall go in with an open mind and an open heart. You'd be surprised with the information you'll be able to take away with you even after the reiki session is over. I look forward to working with kali ma again! -Alex C., Queens native, Spiritual Healer

My sister wanted a tarot card reader at her shower. I had no idea where to find this. Luckily I found Kali on Yelp. She was wonderful! She was professional and sweet and the guests loved her. Everyone that had a reading was raving about how great it was.  She was very personable and everyone got a unique and quality reading. I'm so grateful to have found her. My sisters shower was awesome and she was really happy. If I ever have another event I will  definitely reach out to Kali again. I highly HIGHLY recommend her services! 
-Jenny S. Social Worker / Content Writer for Elephant Journal

Kali Ma has truly helped me in my quest for healing.  She is extremely intuitive and  exactly on point with all that has be weighing on me.  Her healing advice has been extremely helpful in my quest for inner peace.  I feel grateful I was able to connect with her on my visits to New York.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone.  Thank you Kali Ma. - Jessica C. Toyota Motor Sales,  Writer, Founder of One4the_Books


I first consulted Kali Ma in December 2014 and then again February 2015. I find her energy extremely genuine and unique. She is truly gifted and always manages to talk to you about the subtle future events without losing grip of the larger picture. She has a knack of making you feel welcome and comfortable during the session. What stands out about her is her helpful attitude. I found her reading to be fairly accurate as she was able to guide me with the life changing events that were about to happen in my life. I would definitely consult her in future as well and definitely recommend her reading and blessings. - Jai G.


Kali-ma is a true spirit teacher, healer, and guide.  Her tools have passed through many lifetimes of experience in a protected way to her present incarnation so that they are readily available in path of service to all those who feel guided to her.  I have had the blessing of visiting her for several intuitive tarot readings as well as reiki.  Whenever I arrive at a session, my soul is automatically bathed in a prism of healing energy.  The space promotes a sense of ease, well-being, and a connection with spirit guides and angels.  The information that comes through in her readings is accurate and deeply healing.  Her reiki sessions are imbued with ancient wisdom, allowing for unlimited transformation.   No matter what I always leave with a renewed sense of wonder and joy.  Please treat yourself or a loved one to a magickal session with Kali-ma.  She is my go-to trusted advisor, healer, and friend.  - Lyfty Sirena, choreographer, performance artist, reiki practitioner, and yoga teacher


I am someone who would probably best be described as a "realist" or "skeptic" on matters of spirituality, destiny, or any other issue that might transcend our current understanding of reality. Unsurprisingly, I went into my reading considering it a novelty, perhaps something to reference during one of those roundhouse "have you ever" conversations. My preconceptions were dashed by my reading with Kali-Ma. I was surprised by how quickly she picked up on lingering issues that have or could affect my life. She would speak objectively about my character traits; whether it was a flaw or a strength, there was no sign of criticism or praise. She was able to put things into a perspective that allowed me to see the path ahead. In the following weeks after my reading, I have already seen the benefit of her intuition. Her trustworthiness is apparent in her body language, facial expressions, and confidant but calm voice. I would recommend her to skeptics and believers alike. Michael W. Census Bureau  


My experience with Kali Ma was exactly what I've been seeking from a tarot card reader/intuitive. She is EXTREMELY ACCURATE without asking you a bunch of questions, which to me is the sign of a genuine intuitive.

She is not only a gifted tarot reader and intuitive woman but also practical and reasonable. I would call her a guide because her tarot card readings are paired with down to earth advice. That combination makes the reading crystal clear and personally, has given me a path to follow to get where I want to be. 

No other reader has done that for me so effortlessly and with so much compassion. 

I recommend her services HIGHLY for anyone. You won't want or need to go to any other reader. I travel from Westchester out to Brooklyn for her readings and it is COMPLETELY worth it.- Jessica L. Owner of Wolfgang Vintage Books


My experience with Kali Ma was absolutely wonderful. She is an incredibly gifted spiritual person, and she is one of the most intuitive people I have met. She is also very sensible and she picked up things that I would not have imagined. I walked away from that reading feeling very optimistic about ways in which I can move forward and I would recommend visiting her to anyone.  I wouldn't hesitate to visit her again. - Raymond M. Student


"I live in midtown but I made the trek all the way to Bushwick to see Kali because she's a phenomenal healer. I've been spiritually estranged from myself over the years, leading to various disappointments in professional and personal life, and Kali has been tremendously encouraging me to get back in touch with my inner self. She was able to show me the things that were important to me but I somehow rejected. I highly recommend Kali if you're looking for spiritual guidance in difficult times." - Gaia X. Graphic Designer


Kali Ma is a true oracle, healer , giver of strength. Her psychic and healing abilities are a blessing from the great goddess in all her forms. Her colorful presence and magical advice will help you to further experience your own personal truth and inner power.  She is filled with joy and beauty, the kind that is contagious. Kali Ma sees beyond the veil of this earthly realm , filling your own mystery like a bright healing blue light.  Eternal Blessings - Doorways of LESPHINXX



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