Tarot has been a great tool to find quick answers while making decisions or to help guide you through transformational periods is your life. But as Ive seen with my last six years of work with clients. Tarot readings have grown into a part of holistic therapy. It can be used to help guide you through and beyond your expectations for this life. It can help you attract and maintain relationships, make good boundaries and begin to carve out the right career path for you. But most importantly it helps connect you more deeply to your own needs and how to have them met without compromise. 

I find that my particular skills have grown in the direction of life - coaching rather than simple readings. It is more beneficial to work through a series of problems together over a couple months rather than just pop in during a crisis.

So I’m introducing and offering TAROT THERAPY as a option.

We meet once a week for a month. As a trial. And if we like our connection we continue on.

45 min sessions

50$/ 4-sessions 200$/ month

The tarot is not the center of the reading, instead we work through your problems together and try to figure out what kind of holistic team works best for you. Plant medicine? Prayer? Meditation? You will be surprised to see how things unfold for the better when you dedicate time each week to prioritize yourself!

In a session we begin by talk as you would with a therapist but we use the tarot to help guide us to healing answers that institutions often don’t offer.

Tarot Therapy is for those of you on serious path to self discovery and looking for something extra to supplement your healing journey! It is not to substitute psychotherapy.

By law I am required to stay that Tarot Readings are a form of entertainment and is to be used for entertainment purposes.