Slow and Steady.

The aim of Tarot Therapy is to create supportive and holistic care for your mental health and to help manifest goals for yourself.

Tarot is not the center focus, you are! And together we examine life changes, loss, addiction, relationships and more to find what best suits your healing and healthful needs. Often meditation, plant medicine, mindfulness homework and Reiki are paired with the sessions.

A minimum of 1 month is suggested with hopes for at least one season of work together.

45 min sessions

50$/ 4-sessions

1 month 200$

3 months 545$

Tarot Therapy is for those of you on a path to self discovery. Its not an alternative to psychotherapy but it is a wonderful way to find that extra support and healing you may need outside of institutions.

By law I am required to stay that Tarot Readings are a form of entertainment and is to be used for entertainment purposes.