What is the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

The Tarot on its own can have a more detailed and descriptive story to tell. The tarot is older than most oracle decks and has been used for many years as a divination, future-telling and fortunetelling medium.  I use the tarot to help navigate my own spiritual journey and as a means to channeling the truth and guidance for others.  The tarot can be great insight to help you through rough times but also a way to remember when to celebrate and be thankful for your lot.  

Oracle cards rely on the reader as do Tarot, but with the oracle decks there is much being channeled through a vessel than within the cards themselves at times. My past life divinations are done with the Past Lives Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue and world-renowned Past Life Regression Psychiatrist and Author Brian Weiss. I also, use Doreen Virtue's Ascended Masters Oracle deck as a means for blessings and divination. 

During Tarot and Oracle card readings it is pertinent that both parties involved (you and I) be open to the energies of the cards and our guides so we may receive freely and hear the messages coming through. 

Tarot and Oracle readings can be used as a great healing aid!