Monday April 9th 2018

Crossroads. Shedding the old and stepping into the new!


I use to think that to really full experience a new experience that Id have to completely destroy everything I knew. It was an intimidating thought and the new age scene definitely supports this. But my soul is gentler than my sometimes fierce masks. The masks I enjoy and love and that have served me well as i navigate this very REAL existence. 

The crossroads is a place where you know and you see full and up close the changes that are taking place in your life. You are between worlds! 

The process before and after this are full of uncertainties and thats sometimes okay. As much as it can be anxiety enduing (we have tools for this, therapy, love, yoga, friendship!, writing, dancing etc)

You are not alone on this journey and every moment is a chance for you to steer this karmic and cosmic vessel of yours. Reunite with your inner light and dark often. Check in and ask “how are you?” or just give yourself a little reassurance. The truth is in a leaf. In the sky

in the trees. At the roots underneath. 

I love you




My Psychic Channel (Dreams and Visions) : Trusting yourself, influencing politicians and using the force! 


Call it what you will, intuition, third eye opening, “a feeling”, visions, dreams, whatever avenue you use, or what uses you. A lot of us have been awakening to the pool of subconscious and conscious knowledge all around us. And beyond our 5 senses.


Some say things like “psychic phenomena” but is it really a phenomena? I personally don’t think so. I sense that we all have the ability and some have worked out the muscle more than others. Some have a cleaner view, others are confident because they were raised to be that way. 


Learning to trust yourself is a major part of opening yourself psychically. You will be met with the naysayers and the science-minded. Logical thinkers, devils advocates and instigators of all types. They too, deep within their soul, ask to be liberated but your unwavering ability to stand in your own. We are not here to convince anyone of anything, but simply learning to trust yourself can be an experience of widening the scopes of what you experience in this lifetime. 


One must learn to fine tune the differences between organic anxiety and gut feelings. But even further more get to the root whether intellectually or intuitively to where the anxiety is born! There you will find your psychic channels opening as well. Deeper and Deeper. 


Now lets get into visions. You may receive messages in ways that are not always as clear or obvious. Some come in riddles or images. Only very recently I noticed that I was DRAWN emotionally, intrigued or inspired to want to travel in one direction or another. Dreams may arise of this place. Please gathering the streets. Themes associated with the atmosphere there. And I feel it to be personal. I absorb it as though I were the only one listening. Until today. 

Until today when I realize that Ive been dreaming of the ocean around the Dominican Republic. That Ive been tuning in at a higher frequency with my body when someone says DR or mentions “she’s Dominican” or when I think of bachata. 

Today I read an article about the refugees in DR. 


"'A court ruling from 2013 retroactively stripped Haitian-Dominicans, among other immigrant groups, of their citizenship dating back to 1929, if they can’t prove they have at least one parent with “Dominican blood.” In effect, the ruling has left four generations of Haitian-Dominicans stateless, by claiming the families were “in transit” all those years. The deadline for Haitian-Dominicans to submit paperwork to remain in the country legally was last Wednesday. Only about 300 got their papers in time,' reported the Associated Press. “ _ 


An anxiety about traveling there. That underlying unresolved feeling started to melt away. I felt that something in the back burner evaporated! It was a triumphant moment for the EGO to “figure it out” but it was a sad moment for the healer and psychic within me. I realized, as the images and visions keep flooding in that Ive been dreaming of one state or country or beachside after another. Images of peoples faces and brown bodies and hurt feelings. I was realizing more and more I was called to pain. To the ailments physical, emotional, mental , psychic I was called upon for LOVE and vibrancy. For aid. For acknowledhment of the unison of crying souls. People in the Dominican Republic are suffering. 


All of you who feel helpless , acknowledge these people, these plants, these trees and bess. See them. In your mind and feel them within you. Share your power. Share the parts of you that are STRONG. Your healing, your energy, the freedoms that you have, it feeds the ones who use their hands to make change. It can be the consciousness that pushes the politicians to make due change! To impart the same freedom , respect and betterment they feel that they deserve onto the ones they are here to witness and serve! 


The numbers of awakened grow by the second. Be confident in your abilities. 

September 11th 2015

Channeling Maha Lakshmi for Prosperity and Goddess Isis for Protection!

Video is on Youtube! Kali Ma Youtube Video! 

And Tumblr!

August 22 2015

Dog Killings - The effects of FEAR. 

Today my guides told me that dogs are being killed in Kerala, India out of fear.  They said that until we can learn to eliminate fear within us that we will continue to kill each other. The dogs as well have assimilated to a fear based existence ( i can’t say ALL as I don't say ALL humans). 

I have been contemplating visiting India. My family is from Guyana (west indies/carribean/south america) but my Great-Great Grandparents were the indentured servants of the British shipped to the west with false promises. I’ve been considering Kerala. Maybe for the performances/theatre or for the land. But I had a strong aversion when thinking about about the violence against dogs. I couldn’t look at more than three pictures. I often feel too moved to read or look at world news but I can still connect and understand what is happening all over this earth. I asked my guides to help bestow wisdom and acceptance and to help me understand the reason why these dog killings are happening! If fear lives within you please do all you can to rid yourself of it. Through meditation, through divination, through magic, through therapy, through Reiki healing, through sacred frequencies, through dialogue, through music, writing or performance. There are a myriad of ways to release fear! Try all the ways until you find one that works for you. 

Here is a sacred frequency by Victoria Vives : Victoria Vives - Fear into Safety

that may help with you releasing fear and turning it into a feeling of safety! 21 days of syncing may be very beneficial for you. And will in turn raise the vibration of our Earth. Pull yourself up before you can help any other beings on this planet. 

Sending you love, wisdom and acceptance from myself and my guides.


July 17 2015

Obeah Cleansing Ritual by Kali Ma  

My family,(originally from Guyana) raised me predominantly Hindu. However my father’s mother was Catholic and my mother’s mother was Muslim, but everyone knew about Obeah! Which is a form of folk magic. There were always little rituals being done in my home that I never thought much about, as it was hidden between prayers and fasting.  

My family came from a land where magic was everywhere and the use of herbs and spells were not uncommon.  Stories about strange creatures in the night or ghosts in the cane fields were heard before bed. Some were first hand accounts others were stories passed down around fires in the black eve. 

One ritual I remember very clearly was used to ward off  the “evil eye.” My mother said I was a healthy child, rarely sick and she attributed that health to her nurturing and attentive self which included the occasional cleansing.  She told me that everywhere I went people were drawn to me and wanted to be around me, although I was very selective even as young as 2, to combat any “evil eye” she used a ritual her mother had taught her.

There are a few variations on this ritual, here is one with an outdoor/indoor instruction.

Cleansing ritual:

Garlic Skins
Onion Skins
Foil (indoor ritual)
Paper (outdoor/fireside)
Wiri Wiri Pepper  / or / Dried hot peppers 

Put all the ingredients into the foil or paper and use to to circle over the person who needs to be rid of negativity. Focus your intention on the Obeah* spirits, as them to come in and take away the EVIL EYE.  My mother circled it 3x while murmuring some words. 

Ideally this is an outdoor ritual, using the paper. After you pass it over the person absorbing all the negativity you burn all of it in an outdoor fire. It releases into the air, transformed. 

If you are indoors burn it on the stove in the foil. It will smell TERRIBLE! just to let you know…keep your windows open and dispose in the trash, take the trash out immediately after. Make sure the foil and its contents have cooled before you toss.

* Some say that Obeah spirits do not welcome everyone. I think that a lot of voodoo needed to be preserved and in some ways the rules were strict but as we open ourselves to spirituality we will see our guides in the form they chose to come to us.  Listen to your spirit and find what makes sense for you.  If you work well with herbs this may be the right thing for you.  Maybe you find a sea salt spray, sage, throwing a stone in water a better way to cleanse.

Email me with any questions or for a consultation on how to cleanse yourself from negativity! 

Kali Ma



June 16th 2015 

El Morya - Clear And Shield Your Energy

El Morya first came into my life after a series of mind altering experiences.  These experiences led me on a crazy search for answers to the question “what is this geometric 3d blue crystal-like thing spinning in my minds eye!” I ended up finding out about the 7 rays, 7 powers and 7 chakras! This led me to Blavatsky somehow and then to El Morya whom she was said to have channeled.  El Morya was coming into my life for years before I had realized who he was and what his energy was about.  

Clearing and Shielding is not work.  On this earthly plain we are taught that when we seek results we must work hard but El Morya can simply just be called on. 

El Morya will you please make your presence known at this moment to clear and shield us/me for the day. Help us/me go forward with clarity, wisdom and divine light. Weave into our/my DNA a special protection against what does not serve us/me and keep us/me lighted but grounded in this day. Thank you for this beautiful gift and service, we all/I acknowledge your wonderful energy as it lifts us closer to our/my higher selves/self! 


June 14 2015

                                           Trust and Gratitude
                                          A message from Spirit

Today is the Day of Archangel Gabriel. He is considered a sacred messenger for many, not only in Christianity and Islam. This is my message* for you from Spirit about TRUST and GRATITUDE.

The world spins, we were told
but with our own eyes, we do not see.
With our senses,
we do not feel this movement,
it does not have a scent or sound. 

WE are creatures of trust
choosing who or what to trust
and ultimately trusting ourselves to trust those peoples and situations.

Gratitude is necessary
we are experiencing many beautiful gifts
given to us indirectly or directly by the actions of others
and the space gods (I think this refers to the energies beyond the earthly realms - interpret as you will!)

We are not enslaved by gratitude,
it is a form of acknowledgement.

Gratitude will bring more
abundance & love
into our lives. 

- Kali Ma

*Anyone has the ability to channel and to communicate the message of spirit, take some time to develop a meditation practice that works for you and slowly you will learn to listen.  Automatic writing is also an effective way to channel for many!