What is Reiki?


I am a Reiki Master trained in Traditional Usui Reiki // Natural healing. 

Reiki is an energy based healing.  Clients are fully clothed during a session, hands are either placed on the clothed/blanketed body or hovering above. Chanting, mantras, crystals, feathers and small introductory guided meditation might be incorporated.  I will work with your chakras and etheric body to shift and awaken energy within you as you lay comfortably relaxed throughout the session.  Reiki is used for illuminating and alleviating emotional, mental, physical and spiritual or psychic ailments. Working with the life force energy we can unlock our true path to our higher selves and a more fulfilling existence on earth. Many find it useful for anything from infrequent basic stress relief  to long term therapeutic healing. New awareness of Reiki in the western world is opening the path for it to be used in hospitals for those undergoing surgical procedures and in the aftercare as well. If you are interested in past lives and in spiritual healing, Reiki is a useful tool in your divine journey!



If you're going through a heavy transformation, detoxifying of trauma ( ancestral and otherwise) in the mind, body, soul, healing an addiction, surgery or heartache, it can be helpful to take a holistic approach. Meaning facilitate this transformation with as many healing modalities as possible to really dig deep and come out strong. Find multiple practitioners, have a personal meditation and/ or yoga practice, make art and get hooked on good foods, herbs & roots. I've been noticing in my self healing reiki sessions I need to go in multiple times. It will surface a lot of feelings and experiences to work through. I turn to healers, therapy, ritual and art as a few aids. This does not have to be a year long regimen. It could be that you like to flow evenly through your healing journey or if you're like me, then you do some heavy lifting then rest and repeat. Awknowledge patterns in your path it can be something worth communicating to healers you journey with.