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GROUP REIKI For Activists w. Minha + Nandani

April 24th THEME : Healers + Activists with physical and non-physical wombs!

Every person has a sacral charka a cosmic womb and space of creativity. This energy is connected to pleasure organs, reproductive organs, lower intestines and parts of the endocrine system.
This healing circle centers those of us who have had healing challenges with PCOS, endometriosis, miscarriage and other physical womb experiences. This is also a space for folx who are in touch with their astral and non-physical womb from which they create and endure the toxicity of past partners / trauma and carrying the pain of others. Have you been nurturing others without a break. This space is for you! All genders who identify with this healing focus are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Every last Wednesday of the month we invite activists to sit for group healing.
Minha + Nandani lead a gentle meditation, offer reiki to everyone in the circle + invite some participation in at least one simple movement exercise you can integrate into your own self-care routine. We close by mindful sharing and support.

Sliding Scale 11$ - 33$

Your contribution allows this service to be offered monthly and to upkeep the space!
Feel free to donate to these events via PAYPAL or VENMO w. the note “Healing for Activists”

Venmo Nandani Bharrat


This is a QTPOC safe space + Triple Goddess Tarot and Healing is home to long time residents of Bushwick.

The themes and focus of each workshop vary. All Activists + Healers welcome and encouraged to attend!