KALI MA // JUNE 2016

Animal Oracle Horoscope



Aries March 21 -April 19

Squirrel // PREPARATION / Get ready for BIG CHANGES 

Your environment begs for drastic change and you are moving slowly to gather the tools for your survival and healing in the coming few months. But you and I both know that you are are as swift and take charge as the moment calls for! Be fearless! Take charge of this situation by focusing on yourself , once you have your oxygen masks safely secured you can turn to the person next you and ask if they need assistance! Be prepared, be confident and do the work, it will secure your comfort and happiness through this change! 


Taurus - April 20 - May 20

Turtle // Retreat // STOP TRYING to make something happen. & Opossum // Strategy // Have a BACK - UP Plan

Looks like unexpected or unwanted changes are in the midst. Maybe some of this is just flowing into your realm  and maybe some of it is the work you’ve put in and just didnt expect the outcome to catch up so quickly. You may find yourself trying to wish REALLY hard for something to change in your favor. Maybe you are self medicating with people or substance or forced order and comforts. Relax, there is already an order to this, a divine one! Release control of the situation and flow with it. The best you can do is have a back up plan but don’t build it off of whats currently happening in your life. A lot of that is about to be swept away with the tide and you know what?! its in your best interest. When you come up for air on the other side you’ll realize you are exactly where you wanted to be, have a plan for what you’d want on the other side. You know yourself best, put away some extra cash so you can get yourself a cheese danish and bottle of water for your stroll through new territory (or old territory unrecognizable because of how much it and you have changed!)



Gemini - May 21 - June 20

Koala // Empathy // Speak less and LISTEN MORE 

Its your time Gemini! Some of you, if not all have some strong opinions! and we love to share them, relate and converse. However! Your empathic energies are on a surge are you all enter solar returns at this time you are reborn with a stronger sense of self! Go GEMINI! Your energy is potent and powerful allow it to heal those around you by being a support for your loved ones and even strangers you happen to be around! You may easily feel drained by the needs and expectations of others but at this time your silence will speak very loudly about your boundaries and you will find that your message is clearer than ever as it resonates through your in a revitalized way. Spend time traveling or by the beach. There you can practice this form of empathy and sacred listening. You don't have to do much. Just be. 



Cancer - June 21 - July 22

Raccoon // Resourcefulness // You have all the RESOURCES you need.

Beautiful Cancerians! Mother earth smiles upon you. You are surrounded by great opportunities to receive just what you need at this time. Possibly a vacation, camping or a new short term living situation! You’ve worked so hard. We all know how hard you’ve worked! Take a load off from your responsibilities, from overprotecting your living situation and your finances. Where ever you go you will have the food and shelter you need! You are well equipped to deal with this short journey. You need it and you know you do so go ahead and take the chance on it (you’ll see that its not as much of a change but more of an already really well thought out plan, formulated by you and the universe!)



Leo - July 23 - August 22

Giraffe // Foresight // YOU ARE BALE TO SEE what is in the store for the future. Leo! Its time to channel your own advice! You may be a natural fiery stream of psychic energy at this time. Your messages to others are really messages for you! Don’t sit idly by while others get up and get. Take action with what you already know. Have you developed a special relationship with SPIRIT or GODDESS. Trust your ability to navigate with an innate knowing! Go for it! 



Virgo - August 23 - Septemeber 22

Pelican // Forgiveness // LET GO of your judgements - Have you designed a mold for what you think is right and wrong? You may surround yourself with people that don’t always live within that mold. You love, care for  and nurture those people but your rigid rules and restrictions keeping you from learning from the ones around you and from celebrating yourself just as you are! These judgments are stunting your ability to leisurely go through life. You have a great ability to take care of your needs. You have put them first in many situations as of late, even if it may not always seem so. You don’t want much but you pride yourself in your strict journey. Take this month to let go.  On your walk to get food at your favorite spot let your mind wander, take a different route than usual, don’t expect the expected from any situation. Holding onto these past judgements of how things are won’t let them evolve in a way thats best for all involved! Work with watery energies to help you flow while still achieving all you dreamed up/ need at this time. Your future is secure because you asked it to be so. Now let go. and practice some self forgiveness 


Libra - September 23 - October 22

Black Panther // Passion // Follow your PASSION . & . Horse // Freedom // You always have a CHOICE

The scales are tipping as you become passionately involved in one direction or with a certain someone but you also are afraid of throwing yourself into yet ANOTHER situation that may leave you wounded and picking up the pieces for months! Know what you’ve gained the knowledge and experience you needed to navigate your passions more clearly. Its your choice to jump in and its also your choice to change directions if need be. Your passions don’t direct you, you direct you! 


Scorpio - October 23 - November 21

Snake // Healing // You are a HEALER

Listen boo! Its about time that you come out of your dark waters and share all that deep healing we are all too afraid to explore. You have great wisdom from the dark side that you can bring forth into our lives! Do it in your own way and do it now! Scorpio healing is just want the doctor ordered! And don’t worry you’ll also find it fulfilling to distract from the deep end for a bit while you tend to others around you.


Sagittarius - November 22 - December 21

Hawk // Focus // CHOOSE YOUR PRIORITIES and eliminate distractions. Oh Sag! This is a challenge for you this month! but you can do it. Once you start to sharpen your focus you will be surprised at how easily its all starting to happen. Don’t get distracted and slack off just keep going for the goal. Be confident and shake off any momentary situations and people that will not aid you in your growing. You know you feel uncomfortable being idle so you keep busying yourself with minor BS. Get it together honey because you are seriously going to be on FIRE when you get going with this new project and vision! 



Capricorn - December 22 - January 19

Hummingbird // Joy // Lighten Up. Sweet (not so sweet) capricorns! haha Last month you were really reexamining the way you judge yourself and others. Maybe your mind has been preoccupied with how to not get stuck in the dark corners while you hide from others, feelings inadequate. Hopefully by this month you’ve released a lot of old ways of thinking and you are ready to relax. You deserve it, you’ve done more self work than anyone can see and thats okay! Some private time was necessary , even some private time that was happening right in front of everyones eyes! You strange mental hermit! Now flap those little hummingbird wings and be your joyous self. You are naturally a good time to be around too! When you actually have a moment to lighten up. Here is it dear Cappy! Enjoy June! xo


Aquarius - January 20 - February 18

Dove // Serenity // SLOW DOWN, pause and breathe . Notice how the universe may be clearing up your schedule in certain ways. For an air sign you sure do like to keep busy, or maybe you just get distracted and don’t realize exactly HOW BUSY you’ve been. Time to dump out some of that stress and chill. Relax, take time away from stressful people and situations as well as finding a place that lets you feel at peace. Some time under a special tree or in the night under the stars where no one can see you. Meditation is your special friend at this time! Even tune out the messages for now while you just exist. Inhale deep  ….slow exhale. Peace and tranquility for you dear Aquarius. 


Pisces - February 19 - March 20

Lizard // Dreamtime // Pay attention to your dreams and visions. Are you getting enough napping in during your days Pisces? Be sure to think and talk about your dreams they are electric with messages and synchronities! Just lounging and daydreaming counts too! You are a natural psychic and any time downtime you spend have you lazily twirling the curls of mysticism. Let your mind wander into the mists of beauty and other worldly magic! We love your dreamy energy this June  (especially earthy folk who will help you ground some of that imagination to be utilized in the coming months)



Kali Ma

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Kali Ma : Triple Goddess Tarot and Reiki Healing 

Power Animals Horoscope

Month of May 2016

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Aries - MONKEY // Ingenuity // The situation calls for ADAPTABILITY and Innovation - Hmm Aries! Things may not be working out in the way you expected this month. Maybe you’ve had some plans in your head about how you thought it’d go but now you are asked to roll with it! Don’t worry luckily all your hyper aware senses have been in great working condition and you’ve managed to store all the right moves for any given situation. Trust your ability to bounce around until you find a comfortable spot in this new place! Or just sit quite still, if you can, while you figure out whats the right move. The phrase “same same, but different” comes to mind! 


Taurus - BEAVER // Productiveness // Go ahead and JUST DO IT - It’s your month! And you may feel like slacking off but its time you get working on what you need to finish or even just get started! Its usually not a time to start new things during Mercury Retrograde but for you the energies are in your favor! You will be patting yourself on the back and boasting of your achievements in no time! Take it on and get it done Taurus!! You’ll feel accomplished and proud by the end! 


Gemini - Swan // Grace // APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY inside and all around you & BEAR // Boundaries // STAND your ground -  Two cards came out for Gemini! Not a surprise with the twin energy!  Find a balance between full force embracing everything in your environment and setting up necessary boundaries! This pertains to old and new situations and relationships. What no longer works for you must be voiced now. You don’t have to continue dealing with something that is uncomfortable especially when you’ve first tried to make peace with it. With that being said the message of appreciation and boundaries is more strongly insinuating * NEW * (so its very possible you won’t be dealing with very much remodeling of the old! - but there may be some reflection on it as we are currently in Mercury Retrograde!) You often are fair to others, be fair to you as well! Happy New Beginnings Gemini! 


Cancer - RAVEN // Magic // OWN your power - OOHHH! Cancerians! You are sassy and confident this May! Don’t be afraid to be who you are in your dark and mysterious glamour! If others can’t handle what you’ve got they better take a step back! The retrogrades are going on strong so remind yourself that you are not your past and you are not defined by past events! This new you is the core you! Bold, beautiful and in your own power! Shine on! 


LEO - SQUIRREL // Preparation // Get ready for BIG CHANGES -  You may already be feeling anxious to get started with something new but the promise of change happens more closely to autumn this year! This is good news to get in May as you will be gathering al the necessary things for this great new endeavor. Stay open to the possibilities but know that through your own manifestation you will achieve something you desire. It looks like some hard work will pay off by fall and you will reap the good that you have sewn! Remember to save and prepare! 


Virgo - Deer // Pathfinder // TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS to guide you through this situation - Deer Virgos!, much like Leo you will also be experiencing a change this year! One that is in the making now. No need to worry about how its all going to fit together, it just will! Enjoy the energies of Summer, its end brings great surprises! Something will peak your interest and may be connected to whats on your mind this month! It’s okay to let it all slip through your mind and just enjoy the moment, grazing and lounging. Also remember to stay conscious of your body and do what it asks! Being physically healthy is important at this time! Your physical and spiritual selves are working together to help you navigate naturally! 


Libra - DOLPHIN // Playfulness // Time to PLAY - The message is pretty simple Libra! Have a good time! It doesn’t take much for you to feel good so think up a few quick possibilities and make them happen! Enjoy some time in nature it will revive your love for all living things! There, your thirst for beauty will be quenched. Keeping it simple is the right thing for you this month. You’ll be surprised at how easily pleased you are. 


Scorpio - SEAL // Imagination // IMMERSE YOURSELF in artistic and creative expression - Unique and emotional Scorpio! You find yourself shying away from the flowers and sunshine of spring (and if you’re in NYC the gray skies and cold weather has definitely been your mood). You aren’t going into hiding but you are privately swelling with some creative powers! Take a break from people if need be. Spend time by the water on a gray day to rejuvenate your appreciation for the complexity of nature that reflects a place within you. You may be working with shadow self in a less destructive way at this time. Embrace your strange and #goth self! Its no surprise to you but all the theatrical gray colors bring you a comfort and connect you to a deep feeling of LOVE unique to your sign! Enjoy the rainy days! 


Sagittarius - LIZARD // Dreamtime // Pay attention to your DREAMS and VISIONS - If you are feeling anxious or distracted around others its perfectly fine! You are experiencing so much creative energy much like Pisces and Scorpio (perhaps a creative  collaboration is possible!) Although you are feeling more specifically spiritual and connected to other times/realms ; a type of disconnection/connection. The abstractness of your psychedelic-like state is thriving this month! If you are an adult Sagg, you’ve got at least a few people around you that accept your WEIRD side! Its safe to GO WITH the vibe!


Capricorn - PELICAN // Forgiveness // LET GO of your judgments - Capricorn! Your focus is on stability and order but the struggle to stay connected to your primal identity has made it a tough road! You’ve gathered all kind of judgements and negative thoughts about yourself and others! This May its time to wash yourself clean of that baggage! If it means cutting ties, making changing, no matter how small/big , or just simply taking up a spiritual practice to aid in decompressing and releasing patterns and people, then do it! You have always been great at accomplishing anything you put your mind to! Don’t let your stubbornness get in the way of your freedom and happiness! Sending all my capricorns extra love if you’re feeling some heavy vibes! Connect to the oneness and to air spirit to help you soar! Declutter your computer, your closet, your home and sage like wild! 


Aquarius - OWL // Omens // Pay attention to SIGNS - Be fearless and open this month! So much work is going on behind the scenes and its okay to privately admit to yourself that there may be no valid proof to this wave of alignment! Allow yourself to see the signs are they emerge. Be still and wait for your moment of action. It may or may not be this month, but you are being lead by your sharp senses to something that you desire! Welcome in infinite possibilities and watch and wait for your moment to dive in and claim what is yours (and in alignment with the cosmic order!!) 


Pisces - GIRAFFE // Foresight // YOU ARE ABLE TO SEE that is in store for the future - Pisces you are a natural psychic. You are a sponge to all the energies in your immediate field and far far beyond! and with all this emotional knowledge you’ve soaked up you are able to make decisions on a whim that fall right into alignment with your greater good and deepest wishes! Be your truest self and never mind the ducking down to fit into the crowd. Get your head in the clouds and dream up whats going to happen. Your powers of manifestation are working with your thoughts on an instantaneous level. Be sure to send out the waves of gratitude and acceptance of self and others (past, present, future) to continue this magical surge! 



Kali Ma 


*Power Animals deck by Stephen D. Farmer


Zodiac Oracle // March 2016

*Excerpt from the NOISE LOVE zine
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Many Native American cultures and tribes believed that you were born
with the spirit of a sacred animal. Here are your animals
and messages for the month of March.

Animal Zodiac Oracle by Raven Blackpaw

Very simply put the message to all the animals this March is
VERY SOON // Resonate with those two words when you need to keep
hope alive. AND //  Let go to let the new in! 

January 20 to February 18
New! New! New! Have you declared your love whether out loud or to yourself?
It could be love for a person or a new passion/hobby. This is wonderful!
You are getting to know yourself and others in a  new way! Go with it. Remember to
check on your patterns of addiction or codependency so they don’t start to effect this
new situation! This could mean you depending on others or others on you!
Let yourself take it slow. You’ve already done the work you need to. Acknowledge
your higher self to get some guidance! A private moment of eyes closed and deep breaths
gets you there quickly!

February 19 - March 20
You are almost completely done letting go of some old baggage. Great job!
Now you must believe you are deserving of great things and without having to guard
yourself so fiercely! Everything you dreamt up is in your midst and soon you
will be setting sail for a vacation or celebratory time.  Enjoy it completely!
Let go of any control issues this month and you will see all the beauty around your more
Dress your best! 

March 21 - April 19
Falcon people! Its time to get your flirt on.
Could it be that your time starts this month? Whatever
the cause, it looks like its time to focus on calling in a soulmate,
and embracing the chemistry between you and others.
Spend time enjoying the company of others and don’t be afraid
to flash that sexy grin and bat those eyes. Everything is electric!
Go with it! 

April 20 - May 20
Go with your feelings this month! They are real and worth exploring.
There is a gentle mist around you, you are protected. This could be a
romantic and sensual time for you. IF you are single you may be in a serious
one - on - one flirting situation. If you are with someone contemplate
if this is the right person for you or is there someone else! Be true to yourself
and all the rest falls into place. 

May 21 - June 20
Some NEW is here in your midst. Be it person or opportunity!
Find the time to get to know this situation or being through
social and easy going means. Theres no work to be done at this
time. Relax and enjoy your time as soul-communications happens.
You will find that as you ease into your seat the room and people around
you become much clearer and you begin to shine with your truest light! 
The beginning of something beautiful is here! 

June 21 - July 21
This is a spicy month for you! You are aroused in a totally new way.
Your creativity is at a great place and working with others can prove to be
very fruitful and also exciting! Some of you enjoy mystery more than you might
know! Don’t ask too many questions, just go with the energy of this great chemistry!

July 22 - August 21
Salmon! You must separate from those people and situations
that no longer serve you. Find the time to rest your body.
Only then can you embrace that busy mind. 
The thoughts will slow down and soon fly away.
You have a goal and its a grand one! but first you must let go for a time
to receive your personal messages and then you may rejoin the group.
There is a promise of good things very soon!

August 22 - September 21
I love you! The world loves you! Now its time to love yourself!
Know that you are deserving of great love and that it is safe to love others.
The trials of your past should not overshadow the now and the future.
Leave behind the people that were associated with a hard time in your life.
Its okay to move on to better gain your independence from that feeling.
Once you release the fear you will embrace a great and sought after opportunity
for love, in any form you wish! Social acceptance, romance, admiration, respect.

September 22 - October 22
Focus on your higher self this month! Cleanse your sexual self,
your living space and anything else that needs the room to breathe and
expand. You’ve helped a lot of people and from those experiences you have
taken in a burden that you have been releasing for quite some time. 
There is a promise of new romance and beautiful connections in your life
but first you must honor the divine nature of your purity. 
Embody your purest self, call on Artemis, the virgin
huntress for patience. By months end you will see the truth in your romantic feelings
and you will begin to explore them gracefully!

Oct 23 - Nov 22
Oo0o child! YOU NEED TO LET GO! Time to release those old bonds you are
holding onto. Theres a soul contract here. So even if they aren’t always on your
mind you may be connected to an ex partner, boss or friend. Make a intentional
message to the universe and your guides for help at this time! Ask them to burn
the contact! These past situations stand in the way of someone or something
that you’ve been asking for! 

November 23 - December 21
How is your financial situation effecting you? Find some time to be in nature
and don’t make any excuses about whats stopping you from doing so!
Even planting a flower could be of use to you right now. You’re ready to
dive more deep into your career and finances to do what you’ve always needed to.
Its going to start slow and small. If you want a forest you have to start planting now! 
Spend some time with water and plants so you may learn the gentle process of growing
and nurturing. You may have dreams of something long lasting and that can happen.
The flower shop will buy your flowers every year, but first you have to grow them! 

December 22 to January 19
This month consider what is it that you REALLY want. It doesnt
have to be something that others want or what you have desired
in the past. This is about the now! Accept that with the new year
has come many beautiful and significant changes, no matter how subtle
their meaning in the scheme of things is rather important! 
The spring time approaches with promise of manifesting the dreams you
dream up now! 

Kali MA : Triple Goddess Tarot and Reiki Healing