How dreams are important to our spiritual journey?

Often we’ve heard the phrase “it was just a dream.”  This reassurance and dismissal of a potent unexplained event while we sleep is a block to us learning more about own lives, and our spiritual and emotional health.  Its not important to take everything in your dreams literally, not everyone is having prophetic and psychic dreams but we are receiving signs in them.  Dreams are made up of surreal situations and many symbols wait to be unlocked.  The more we open discourse about the content of our dreams the more we can start to understand their messages for us.  If you find yourself deeply into a yoga or mediation regimen your dreams may be a form of your healing while you rest.  Others see dreams symbols as a deciphering of our psychological selves.  It can be a way for us to pay attention to signs from our bodies, minds or spirit.  Dream journaling can be a helpful way for you to move on from past trauma, get over a bad relationship, healing from losing a loved one or a creative stimulant to express yourself in your waking life.  Many different cultures around the world study and mediate on their dreams seeing them as portals into other dimensions of themselves or as great messages from Source, Spirit or God.  If you work with Angels you may be guided by them in your dreams.  Being open and conscious of your dreams may help you unlock a more peaceful and fulfilling existence! Messages come to us in all forms and through all avenues as soon as we are open to knowing and healing. 

*I highly recommend Cyrene Dream Interpretation Service which I myself have turned to discuss and interpret signs and symbols in my own dreams!