Crystals have been a form of healing for thousands of years, as far back as the lost city of Atlantis or Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians.  The Romans after the annexation of Cleopatra took with them many of the belief systems which included crystal healing.  They even devised a system of inscribing powerful words onto tiny pieces of chalcedony to carry with them.  The faces of royalty and leaders were also pressed into these stones.  We’ve been conscious and interested in gemstones as a species forever.  Even using obsidian for arrowheads and having the modern study of geology.  Gemstones can facilitate some powerful healing when placed on the body or prayed over and carried with you.  My own journey with crystals has been a rocky one (pun intended!) at first I felt very connected to amethyst.  Mostly from its look, I found it to be one of the most beautiful crystals Ive ever seen.  However I did not feel a closeness to any other gem.  I have been given many gifts that I tossed aside or gave away.  Until I started realizing how personal the journey is with stones.  They may not all call to you all at once, but when it is time they emerge through messages, literature, coincidences, gifts and other channels.  You may be seeking the perfect mate or a fulfilling career when a stone enters your life that may facilitate that exact thing.  Building a bond with crystals allows it to open up with its own unique message for you.  Feel free to ask me during a session for any suggestions on how crystals can help you with menstrual cramps, headaches, meditation, office energy, social acclaim, almost anything!