Shakti Reiki Master // Hindu Alchemy for the Mind Body Soul

Kali, with the blessing of her ruling planet, Mercury and  her spirit guides is here to be a healer and messenger.  Meditation and spirituality have been a part of her life since childhood. Kali is a certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master meditational guide, holistic practitioner and tarot reader. Her mission is to guide, heal and channel the divine energies to bring you closer to your life path and higher self.  Kali specializes in Reiki healing for the mind body and soul, past life readings, tarot and oracle card divinations as well as dream analysis and interpretation.  Her advice is often paired with suggestions about crystal therapy and candle magic, among other spiritual answers to practical and esoteric questions. Kali can guide you in your life’s journey, to your destined career, a loving partner and to an existence that ensures the interweaving of happiness into your daily life. Kali believes that all humans are innately psychic and aims to help each of her clients unlock the divine wisdom within themselves. 


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