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Psychic Messages + Divine Channel

Sessions with Nandani are for those of you seeking Spiritual guidance via energy healing and or psychic messages.

Each appointment is curated to fit your needs and to take your healing deeper + unlock your full potential in the physical and psychic worlds!

Shakti Reiki Master
Hindu Alchemy for the Mind Body Soul
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Reiki + Divine messages

Turiya was introduced to the healing arts as a teenager from their mother who is a registered Massage Therapist and Polarity practitioner. That introduction opened their eyes to the validity of energy work, and deepened their spiritual understanding of the forces that be. Turiya has studied with various spiritual masters since the age of 12, most prevalently with Sri M, a Kriya yogi. In 2015 they walked 2200km across India with him, spreading a message of peace and meditating with thousands of people. After that experience, and opening up to many sensitivities within themself, Turiya became inspired to find a way to use that sensitivity proactively. Upon returning to NewYork in 2016 they completed the Usui/HolyFire ReikiI,II & Mastership trainings with Corinne Feinberg. Reiki instantly resonated with them and has become a beautifully intuitive practice that they are as happy to share as they are to be nourished by.



Tarot + Psychic Services / Divine messages.

“To exercise the intuitive function of the mind is to cultivate receptivity to ideas that can bring powerful transformation and enhancement to one's unique self and surroundings. abundance in relationships, finances, emotional and creative well-being, and physical health can be achieved through access and better understanding the powerful currents latent in the lesser-known parts of the psyche. using Tarot as a tool for such exploration can benefit anyone in any walk of life and provide insight into any scenario, regardless of their religious attitude or lack of one.”

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Reiki + Somatic Movement

Minha is a healer in many different facets. She is a second degree reiki practitioner, a somatic movement healer, and an activist. She regularly works with NYC Shut it Down, an anarchist POC abolitionist group. Her style of reiki is gentle and trauma informed. She often incorporates her somatic movement training into her reiki sessions (when given permission by the client) should the intuitive impulse arise.